Jean-Baptiste HUYNH

Exposition jusqu’au 20 mai 2019 - MusĂ©e National des Arts asiatiques – Guimet

6 place d’IĂ©na – 75016 Paris

Plus d’information sur www.guimet.fr

Le musĂ©e Guimet prĂ©sente une splendide rĂ©trospective de photographies de l’artiste franco-vietnamien Jean-Baptiste Huynh du 20 fĂ©vrier au 20 mai 2019. Cette exposition nous enchante car elle est un voyage imaginaire et introspectif du photographe rĂ©alisĂ© pendant deux ans au sein des collections et des rĂ©serves du musĂ©e. Les visages, les regards, l’image de soi, la lumiĂšre, les vĂ©gĂ©taux, les objets usuels et sacrĂ©s, les animaux, l’intemporalitĂ© et la relation Ă  l’infini sont autant de sujets explorĂ©s par cet artiste.

On the move

The New Objectivity PDF Imprimer Envoyer
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Dimanche, 10 FĂ©vrier 2013 18:02
An exhibition in the KUNSTMUSEUM STUTTGART, shown until seventh April 2013.
altOtto Dix with his portraits and radical images of society, expecting war...He saw himself as an unpolitical artist, but he used the sensation of this time.
The current exhibition describes his ambivalence position between enfant terrible and the famous careerportraitist. Interesting part of the show is the dialog between several artists of that time, as Grosz, Schlichter, Lenk ...
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Biennale PASSAGES 12 PDF Imprimer Envoyer
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Jeudi, 08 Novembre 2012 12:54
altBiennale PASSAGES 12 : African Contemporary Dance
08-11 november 2012 - DansArt Theater Bielefeld

Exhibition: VOUDOU, Responsive Photo Art
Aba Page (Beate Steil, Germany/Liberia), Sibylle Schwarz (Germany/Benin) and the dancer Vincent Harisdo (Benin).
The veil of Aba Page's current work comes from the last Biennale in 2010 at DansArt in Bielefeld, Germany where she met the dancer Vincent Harisdo. His performance inspired her photographic work and this year's exhibition for the Biennale Passages 12. Sibylle Schwarz reacts in her very specific artistic way to the photographs of Aba Page. Responsive Photo Art is the concept of the two artist's collective work which they are processing since a couple of years.
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Lundi, 19 Mars 2012 15:09
altA LANDMARK EXHIBITION: “MATISSE. PAIRES ET SÉRIES” until June 18th, 2012 at the Centre Pompidou of Paris.
Presenting an outstanding selection of masterworks assembled from the most important public and private collections across the world, this exhibition examines a distinctive aspect of Matisse’s art: his repeated explorations of the same subject through different treatments – for him a way of exploring art itself. Expressed in variations of framing, draughtsman ship, brushwork and colour, this formal alternation is a recurrent feature of the artist’s work.
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Jeudi, 27 Octobre 2011 14:44
Making the impossible possible
Building a glacier in the dessert. It seems impossible, but artist Ap Verheggen, together with experts from Cofely Refrigeration, successfully conducted the first tests to prove different.
altVerheggen, known from previous arctic projects that drew attention worldwide, in cooperation with Cofely Refrigeration, specialist in cooling technique, proved that it is possible to generate a glacier in a dessert in a ‘climate simulation’. They discovered that it is possible to create ice in extreme dry and hot conditions. By using solar energy in the most optimal way it can even be done without adding water. This is an important step in realizing an new art project: SunGlacier.
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Dimanche, 25 Septembre 2011 07:28
21 SEPTEMBER 2011 - 9 JANUARY 2012
CENTRE POMPIDOU, Paris, France, gallery 2
altEdvard Munch was entirely “modern”: such is the argument of this exhibition of almost 140 of his works. Including some 60 paintings, 30 works on paper and 50 vintage photographs, as well as a number of films and one of the artist’s very rare sculptures, “Edvard Munch, l’oeil moderne” throws new light on the work of this celebrated Norwegian painter (1863-1944) by showing how his interest in all the forms of representation of his time nourished his inspiration and profoundly shaped his art. His experience of photography and film, his reading of the illustrated press and his work in the theatre all fed into his work, endowing it with the utter modernity that this exhibition seeks to reveal.
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